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Know Love Philly Podcast

Apr 16, 2018

We caught up with @Dominic Stone at @The Fire to discuss how he got into promoting, stigmas associated with promoters, and his 3-Day event #FamFest.

Apr 2, 2018

@Wills Weller was woring with workshops before @Toothgrinder got sigend to @SpineFarm Records. -Say that five times fast fuckers...then check out how they got signed, what their reaction was when they learned they would share the stage with #TOOL, winter #surfing, and their latest album #PhantomAmour!

Feb 19, 2018

We caught up with @Mike Dawson the Managing Editor of @Modern Drummer Magazine at @The Fire and talked about how he landed his gig as a managing editor, what it takes to land in the magazine, and that time in #SanAntonio a band of thieves hijacked an truck full of #Sabian cymbals.

Feb 12, 2018

We caught up with @Chris Carr owner of @Bucks County Drum Company, and talk about the process of building a drum kit, his patent pending #drums, losing everything in the process, and through hard work and dedication eventually getting endorsed by @Modern Drummer! This is an epic true story 13 years in the making!

Jan 25, 2018

We went to @The Fire to catch up with @PiaZapata from #Chile. In our first ever bilingual interview, we talk briefly about Pia Zapata's music, and a lot about life in Chile including their music scene and their politics! We also announce that we have a new home at #TheFire!